Enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner at Newton Stewart Golf Club

Summer Menu (April to September)
All Day Breakfast             £6.00
(2 rashers of bacon, 2 sausages, potato scone, egg, beans, mushrooms
and two slices of toast)
American pancakes, streaky bacon and maple syrup   £6.00
Pesto scrambled eggs and toast         £2.50
Toast, butter and jam             £1.50
Porridge                   £1.50
(with Honey or Golden Syrup)

Hot filled rolls

Bacon                 £2.00
Sausage (link or lorne)             £2.00
Fried Egg                 £2.00
(Add 50p per additional item, potato scones, mushrooms, tomato)
Chips                   £2.00
Breakfast wrap               £5.00
(Wrap filled with hash brown, egg, bacon or sausage and cheese)
Breakfast flatbread             £4.00
(Flatbread filled with bacon and cheese)      

Homemade Soup and a roll           £2.50
Soup and a sandwich combo           £4.00

Filled Rolls/Sandwiches
Tuna mayonnaise             £2.50
Ham                   £2.50
Cheese                 £2.50
Prawn Marie Rose               £2.75
Bacon, lettuce and tomato           £2.75
Chicken with pesto mayonnaise         £2.75


Tuna melt                 £4.00
Ham and/or cheese             £3.50
Bacon, brie & cranberry             £4.00
Southern fried chicken, chilli sauce and cheese     £4.00
Haggis & cheese               £4.00
(Extras: Onion, Tomato, Pickle)

Special Sandwiches
Club sandwich               £5.00
(Triple decker sandwich with chicken, bacon, cheese and salad)
Vegetarian club (v)             £5.00
(Triple decker sandwich with houmous, carrot and tomatoes)      
Chicken and pesto flatbread           £5.00
Roasted vegetable flatbread (v)         £5.00
Croque Monsieur               £5.00
(Ham and cheese oven baked sandwich with béchamel sauce)
Pastrami deli sandwich             £5.00
(Pastrami with dill pickle and Dijon mustard)

Salads (with Chips add £1.00)
Ham and Cheese               £5.00
Prawn Marie Rose               £5.00
Tuna and boiled egg             £5.00
Bacon and avocado             £5.00
Chicken Caesar               £5.00
Avocado and houmous (v)           £5.00

Baked Potatoes (plain or sweet potatoes)
Cheese and beans               £5.00
Tuna mayonnaise             £5.00
Chilli and cheese               £5.00
Pizza                   £5.00
(pepperoni with homemade tomato sauce and cheese)
Mushrooms with rosemary and parmesan (v)     £5.00
Haggis & cheese               £5.00

Main Meals
Beer Battered Cod with chips, peas           £6.00
Homemade Chilli with rice           £6.00
Bacon Cheeseburger, chips           £6.00
BBQ Chicken Burger, chips           £6.00
Steak pie, chips and peas           £6.00
Lasagne and chips             £6.00
Macaroni Cheese and chips           £6.00
Chicken Schnitzel and chips           £6.00
Chicken Parmigiana and chips         £6.00
Thai curry with rice & Naan Bread         £6.00
Penne arrabbiata (v)             £6.00

Sticky toffee pudding             £3.50
Apple pie                   £3.50
Cheesecake                 £3.50
(served with cream or ice cream)
Chocolate brownie sundae           £3.50

Sweet Things
Scone with butter & jam             £1.00
Scone with cream & jam             £1.50
Tray bakes                 £1.00
Muffins and cakes             £1.00

Please ask about our specials
All food is made fresh to order and takes time to prepare. Thank you for your patience.

Take-away available.